Ingredient1 is transforming the way people discover healthy foods. We are creating your FOOD ID - a unique lens to discover foods you'll love - see friends recommendations - and learn where those products are sold. Our mobile app catalogues all natural and organic foods, allowing shoppers to search by multiple granular ingredient, diet, and sustainability variations.

Ingredient1 empowers consumer voices to inform the market what shoppers want.  With that information, brands can quickly identify and connect with target shoppers, make more of what shoppers want, and spend less developing those products. This will increase the success rate for entrepreneurs, decrease food waste, and expand the options for healthy and delicious eating.

Our database of foods and ingredients is now 3x the USDAs – and has over 350 brands participating. 

Launched March 2015. Rated 1 of 2015’s top health and fitness apps by Greatist!  

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Acquired in 2016