Zelkova Ventures looks for leading companies and management within their industry when determining investment choices.  We conduct complete due diligence of all our potential investments to ensure the firm’s vision aligns with our investment vision and goals.

When dealing with industries and firms that have yet to mature Zelkova Ventures conducts deep analysis into its investments to help determine and pick the future market leader.  We are flexible in providing capital in a manner that addresses the goals of the management and shareholders of the companies in which we invest.

Partnering with our Entrepreneurs

Zelkova Ventures employs a team based model to investing, which includes partnering with our investments for success, accomplished via:

  • Participation on the Board of Directors
  • Providing input and assistance with business development
  • Identifying and placing key talent within the organization
  • Assisting in strategy and execution of future financing needs
  • Rolling up our sleeves and helping grow the business