We call Ribbit "Silicon Valley's First Phone Company," not because the world needs a new phone company, but because it needs a new kind of phone company. The Ribbit team is made up of a unique combination of telephony, computer and internet professionals who have come together to create a whole type of phone company built to behave in an entirely new way.

Ribbit recognizes that for innovation to keep pace with the opportunity it needed a fresh approach to product and application development. No single company could possibly create all the solutions customers will soon be asking for, which is why Ribbit created an open platform for voice innovation. We believe it’s our global community of developers that will drive innovation and create the voice applications of the future. Accordingly, Ribbit is creating, not just the development tools they need, but we are also creating an entire “developer success ecosystem” to assure they can also market and sell their applications across the internet and around the globe.
Ribbit is the first company to make it easy for developers to integrate advanced voice features into applications and services to unlock new levels of value for their customers. Ribbit has built two examples of how this works. Our innovative consumer application Ribbit Mobile links mobile phones and the internet to create an integrated voice and data solution tailored for the lifestyle of the modern professional. Our enterprise solution, Ribbit for Salesforce, integrates mobile phones and advanced voice automation features directly into Salesforce.com to increase sales team productivity.

Ribbit & BT

Having recently been purchased, Ribbit is now part of the larger BT global family of companies working to assure that customers everywhere get the products and services they need to communicate and be productive today and into the future. The partnership brings instant benefits to Ribbit customers and partners by extending our reach around the world and by providing the voice infrastructure that can only be provided by an established global “phone” company. BT does business in 170 countries, enjoys deep business relationships with the best companies in the world and shares a common vision with Ribbit for the future of global communications – making them the perfect partner to support our growth.

Acquired in 2008