NutshellMail is an online service that helps users to efficiently manage and access their social networks through their email inbox.

The service works by delivering a consolidated email digest of new activity from each account on a customizable schedule. NutshellMail enables users to passively keep track of their activity, update their status, reply to friend’s comments, and directly link into their providers’ websites through any single inbox they already use.

Email remains the most commonly used application of the internet, however due to the constant flood of email traffic many users suffer from information overload. NutshellMail eliminates the need for users to receive multiple email alerts from each service provider and helps users to save time by sending consolidated alerts on their schedule.

Distinguishing itself from other aggregation services, NutshellMail works with any email client and does not require users to download software or to log into a website to access their information. In addition, because NutshellMail works through email, it offers a secure and compliant way for users to access their accounts behind corporate firewalls.

Acquired in 2010