Fama analyzes a person's digital footprint to help employers better understand the character and trustworthiness of a potential hire.

Fama offers a data stream that helps businesses make smarter hires by leveraging the publicly available social graph. In a world of pre-qualified references, resume consultants and inefficient criminal background checks, Fama helps establish the historical patterns of behavior that could affect job performance.

How it works: a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and human-based quality assurance allows a business to to quickly illustrate the good (non-profit check-ins, for example) and the bad (hate speech, violence, etc) before making the all-important hiring decision.

Fama also knows social data can be subjective, and ensures a two-way dialogue about social between employer and job candidate before a hiring decision is made. Fama works with clients in the on-demand, marketplace economy and Fortune 500 companies that are focused on quality hires.